Saturday, November 10, 2012

Canada on the Rise

An interesting article given the re election of obama and the waning of America. There is a place on earth that most Americans never think about—a vast, strange land where the days can be cold, but the people are friendly and the health care is free. We remember this place exists only occasionally: when we find out our favorite comedian was born there, or when someone we know decides to move there for college. For the most part, though, it hardly enters into our conception of the world. Canada is there, and it isn’t. But there is a new and unfamiliar wind blowing in the North—one of national ambition and passionate, even aggressive, patriotism. Its proponents seek to transform Canada from the polite and accommodating country it’s been for most of its history into a major, muscular force on the world stage. The Canada they envision will be powerful, rich, and influential. It will never again be ignored, or dismissed sneeringly as “America’s hat.” Adherents of the new Canadian nationalism point to their country’s range of advantages, starting with its massive size and abundance of natural resources like timber, water, gold, and oil. They note the stability of their government and the strength of the Canadian economy—the Canadian loonie is currently worth more than the American dollar, and according to the International Monetary Fund, its gross domestic product outpaced that of the United States by more than $2,000 per capita in 2011. Then there’s global warming, which promises, strangely enough, to benefit Canada by melting the ice in the Arctic Circle, thus opening it up for drilling and lucrative new trade routes to Asia.


Alex said...

"It will never again be ignored, or dismissed sneeringly as “America’s hat.”"

An American actually said that to me when I was down there a few months ago.
I replied: "ya well America is Canada's horse, and its ready to be shot and sent to the glue factory."

Anonymous said...

Well, apart from the global warming nonesense, very true.

We got lucky with a Conservative majority government. A Conservative operative told me that another week in the election and the Orange Wave would have really hit Ontario and bye, bye majority.

Too bad the Americans got hit with a hurricane and the stupidity of Chris Christie.

robins111 said...

I see the bleating of the Council of Canadians is considered relevant by this author. Notwithstanding the fact that most of the council seems frozen in the 60's, still demanding the US leave Vietnam..

Anonymous said...

health care is not free.

Dollops said...

Thanks, Dr. for the link. This article raises all the important issues but one, the mindset that re-elected President Obama. Polls continue to show that our Conservative government has a very tenuous grip on power, meaning that PM Harper's vision of a prosperous and strong Canada could be undone in just a few years. Bringing back the pride and purpose of our people before Pearson seems an impossible task in the few years that our majority seems to have left. Today's Canadian citizen leans left and until that realty changes there will be no shining future for this country.