Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bo redux

My friend Michael Taube has a depressing but I suspect very prescient piece on Bo's second term. God help us all. TAUBE: Predicting Obama’s legacy On Nov. 6, Americans chose President Obama over GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. If Mr. Obama’s second term turns out to be anything like his first, the voters will quickly come to regret that decision. Mr. Obama is a lame-duck president. He is in his final term and won’t be able to run for this particular political office ever again. That being said, each step he takes will have significant implications for his fellow Democrats in 2014 (the midterm elections) and 2016 (the presidential election). Mr. Obama is in the early stages of building his so-called political legacy. Long before his presidential memoirs are written, his speaking tour is arranged and the groundbreaking ceremony for his presidential library is set, the president’s leadership needs to be evaluated historically in some way, shape or form. Unless things change dramatically in the next four years, Mr. Obama’s legacy is on pace to rank him among the worst U.S. presidents of all time.


Anonymous said...

Just more sour grapes...get over it already.

Thucydides said...

I wonder how you will feel about the sour grapes when your Canadiaqn job is terminated due to the effects of US policy?

Our biggest market has 11.2% unemployment (U3, which includes all the unemployed, and takes labour market participation into account). So with over 33 million people unemployed, there is a much smaller market for whatever you produce or sell. Our energy industry is being targeted by Obama's policies, meaning more jobs will be lost here until the Chinese and Indians can take up the slack. Obama's economic and tax policies have seen median US income drop 5% since the 2009"recovery summer", so the potential customers who are left in the American market have less income to purchase your goods or services.

So it is not sour grapes you are hearing, but the concern of grown ups who need to put bread on the table and are looking to keep our economic security and future prospects. Once you get over yourself and take a look at what is really happening, then you will be able to contribute to society.