Sunday, October 14, 2012

UK to leave the eu?

I hope this is true. The UK needs to leave the eu. It's real allies are the peoples of the Commonwealth and the United Sates.

The chances of Britain leaving the EU rose dramatically last night after it emerged that one of David Cameron’s closest Cabinet allies believes it is time to tell Brussels bluntly: ‘We are ready to quit.’ Education Secretary Michael Gove has told friends that, if there was a referendum today on whether the UK should cut its ties with Brussels, he would vote to leave. He wants Britain to give other EU nations an ultimatum: ‘Give us back our sovereignty or we will walk out.’

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Alain said...

Whatever his vote, I wager that were there a national referendum the vote would be to leave and I suspect the same would happen at least in a few European countries if the citizens had a vote. In every case it is solely the "elite" who push the idea with few of the total population having a say.

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