Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Third Debate

Apparently bo has attended the joe biden school of ridiculous facial expressions, I do agree with Charles Krauthammer that this was a win for Romney.
So that is the large picture, America is strong and respecting. What Obama did is he kept interrupting, interjecting and his responses were almost all very small, petty attacks. The lowest was when he's talking about sanctions that are old. 'When I was working on sanctions you were investing in a company in China.' I mean that is the kind of attack you expect from a guy who is running for city council for the first time, that's not what you expect from the president. A personal attack about an investment when talking about Iran? I thought Romney had the day. He looked presidential. The president did not. And that's the impression I think that is going to be left. There are many who think Romney won yet again. Of course the leftist msm is spinning for bo.

watch the whole thing here:

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Anonymous said...

i thought the lowest was when he talked about a 4 year old child who had lost her father on 9/11.