Saturday, October 13, 2012

The ridiculous nobel peace prize

After giving barack the nobel prize for essentially nothing, I didn't think the nobel peace prize committee could be more ridiculous. I was wrong. Here is the truth:

GLOBE EDITORIAL NATO and not EU deserves the Nobel Peace Prize The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Oct. 12 2012, 7:30 PM EDT There was great mirth on Friday of the “at least the Nobel committee did not give the European Union the economics prize” variety. Except that the use of the Nobel Peace Prize as a morale boost for Eurocrats struggling to contain a currency crisis is no laughing matter. It diminishes the prestige of the prize – and the achievements of those who truly deserve it. Worse, the pretext offered, that the EU gave Europe peace, is an insult to the role of Canadians and Americans in ending centuries of European bloodshed. If there is one institution that has ensured the peace in Europe it is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Want to trace the origins of European peace? Read Article 1 of the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949, which calls for members to settle international disputes “by peaceful means.” Article 2 committed members to maintain a “free” political system. This was backed up by military muscle, placing an enormous strain on budgets, including Canada’s. NATO succeeded not only in ensuring former European belligerents were allied, but fended off the Soviet threat. The year NATO should have been given the prize was 1991, when the West won the Cold War...


Jen said...

What was once the 'true meaning' of 'Nobel Peace Prize' is now lost in this confused world.

Anonymous said...

When Yassar Arafat recieved a Nobel
it was forever depreciated.
Giving one to Barack Obama, ditto
We in the West freed Europe with our treasure and the blood of our sons and daughters.
How soon they forget.
Bubba Brown

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