Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Anglophone boogeyman

A good piece by Don Macpherson. He calls out pq/nationalist scapegoating of minorities in Quebec. You’re probably a bad Quebecer. How do I know that? Because you’re reading a column in The Gazette. The typical Gazette reader is somebody who lives on Montreal Island, doesn’t have French as his or her mother tongue and doesn’t speak it most often at home. If that description fits you, that makes you a threat to the French language, according to the general reaction in French Quebec to the data on language from the 2011 census published on Wednesday. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve learned French, make a point of speaking it outside your home and have had it taught to your children. It doesn’t even matter whether you could have passed Jean-François Lisée’s good-anglo citizenship test for L’actualité magazine last April because you know that Marie-Mai is a pop singer, not a May Day greeting. If you live in Montreal — or, for that matter, anywhere else in Quebec — and speak a language other than French in the privacy of your home, or were taught a language other than French by your parents, you’re part of a problem.

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