Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tax Cuts are good!!

 I live in a province that is always trying to tax me more.  It is time for the Tories to start broad based personal tax cuts. I like the corporate tax cuts. Capital gains taxes should be lessened even more!

While Americans frame their 2012 presidential election as a clash between fundamentally differing views on how best to bring the country out of an economic downturn, Canadians have the good fortune of being able to sit back and watch, secure in the knowledge that our own recovery continues apace. This country’s strong economic performance can be directly attributed to a quarter-century of sensible fiscal management and a government that has made us a competitive player in a cut-throat global economy. A prime example is the Conservatives’ tax policy. Since the Tories took office in 2006, the corporate tax rate has fallen from 21% to 15%. Canada now has the lowest marginal corporate tax rate in the G7.

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@bigpicguy said...

So explain why these clowns have spent us into oblivion? Oh you like gazebos, I see.

Exactly what are your credentials "Doctor"?

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