Friday, October 26, 2012

State owned enterprises

A very interesting piece by Terence Corcoran. I am very uneasy about Chinese state enterprises taking over our resources. There behaviours are not market driven.

  Recent media reports portray Ottawa as ready to horse-trade its way out of a looming foreign investment crisis over takeovers of Canadian companies by state-owned enterprises. In Bloomberg’s version, “Canada plans to ask China to allow several transactions in exchange for approval of state-owned CNOOC Ltd.’s $15.1-billion bid for Nexen Inc., said a person with knowledge of the matter.” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty quickly announced that he personally had no knowledge of the matter. But speculation persists, particularly over attempts by the Bank of Nova Scotia and Manulife Financial to secure greater access to Chinese financial sectors. The Canadian mining industry is also keen on massaging its way into the Chinese market, and if that means using CNOOC’s $15-billion Nexen takeover as a reciprocity play, so much the better. Or so it is said. As the Harper government wades deeper into the challenge posed by state-owned enterprises investing in Canada, whether from China or Malaysia or even the United States, some overarching issues need to be recognized. Foremost is this: The global rise of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) poses a threat to the market principles that have governed international and national investment for decades, and that dominate Canadian law and policy today.

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