Monday, October 01, 2012

omar khadr

khadr is a traitor to Canada. he fought against HM Canadian forces and Our allies. He should be tried for treason. The left in the country loves khadr. I hope he spends as much time in prison as possible. I have heard rumours and he and his whole family want to leave for Egypt. That would be a time for rejoicing. Most Canadians have little use for this murderous terrorist. Except of course the grits and dippers.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the reulsive members of the Canadian Judiciary and legal community for their untiring efforts to bring this scumbag in Canada.

As usual common sense didn't matter to you. As usual right or wrong didn't matter to you. As usual the plight of the victim's family didn't matter to you (besides, they're Americans so f##k them - right?).
As usual the desires or concerns of the Canadian people didn't matter to you (because after all it's just the public and they can't possibly be as compassionate as a lawyer or judge -right?).

You were determined to bring this muderer to Canada to show those elected peasants in the House of Commons who REALLY RUNS CANADA. The lawyers and judges do!

You were going to stick it to those nasty conservatives as well. When the conservatives tried to implement minimum sentencing it really pissed you off didn't it? So you would show them who really has the power in this country.

And you did. Congrads.

The entire pond slime, ambulance chasing, law twisting, murderer freeing lot of you should be proud.

I don't expect you to answer this posting. I mean you are busy lawyers and judges.
People to sue, pedophiles to free, mansions to buy, busy, busy, busy.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm terribly sorry for my above posting. Let me correct it.

Line 1 should read:"...thank the REPULSIVE members of the Canadian Judiciary and legal community"

There, that's better.

john said...

Judges don't mind letting murderers walk. I mean, when you live in an alarmed, fortress mansion in a gated neighbourhood, patroled by a security company; when you have instant preferential response time by the police; when you work in a fortress protected by armed guards...Why the hell would you worry if you let some killers & terrorists walk?

Crime is for the little people to worry about - fuck them.

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