Thursday, October 04, 2012

More language extremism in Quebec

Apparently some Quebecers don't want tourists to come to their provincial province. MONTREAL - Signs proclaiming an employee’s stance on language issues should not be posted on the window of a métro station ticket booth, Montreal’s transit authority says. The Société de transport de Montréal was responding to a complaint from a subway user who came upon a printed sign at the Villa Maria métro station Wednesday: “Au Québec c’est en français que ca se passe!” (Roughly translated: “In Quebec, we do things in French”). STM spokesperson Marianne Rouette said it was not an official STM sign. The ticket-taker who put up the sign “will be met and if necessary, appropriate measures will be taken,” Rouette said. “By posting the sign, the (employee) expresses his personal political opinion, which is not acceptable to the STM.” Jessica Rodrigues, who photographed the sign, said she found the sign insulting.

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Builder said...

The french can rest easy.....I have sworn to never ever set foot in Quebec.

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