Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leading by example!!!

 Wow. Maher actually compliments  HM PM Stephen Harper!!!

Harper, who did not need to do this, took a look at his own entitlements and decided to put another hole in the belt.
Until the bill passed, retired prime ministers received 66 per cent of their prime ministerial salary — $104,000 a year — on top of their MP salary.
Harper, who makes $157,731 as an MP plus his $157,731 prime ministerial stipend, will now receive three per cent of his prime ministerial salary per year of service.
If he serves until after the next election, in 2015, he’ll get about $47,000 a year in pension, $57,000 less than he would have received under the old system.
Depending on when he leaves office, and how long he lives, Harper’s pension decision will cost him $1.5 million to $2 million. Harper is quietly setting a good example, and deserves a bit of credit.
He also deserves credit for agreeing to split the pension measures off from the enormous budget omnibus bill.

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