Monday, October 15, 2012

Incompetent Marois

Chantal Hebert chronicles Marois' debacles as Quebec premier. She is making HM PM Harper look good in Quebec.

“Stephen Harper seems to have had a good idea when he announced before he left Kinshasa that future summits should be held under the auspices of democratically elected governments,” he wrote.
By the same token, Lisée claimed credit on behalf of his government for the idea. He suggested it was Marois who put the prime minister up to it.
Except, of course, Harper did not wait to meet his new Quebec counterpart vis-à-vis to threaten to skip next month’s Commonwealth meeting over host country Sri Lanka’s human rights record.
For the first time, the North American section of the Canada-Quebec-France triangle is made up of both a prime minister who is not from Quebec and a sovereigntist premier. But it is a lopsided figure in another more significant way.
Of the three leaders, Harper is in the more enviable political position.

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