Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Government spending less is...

always a good idea. I want the Tories to spend much less!!! The NDP opposition is upset that the Harper government spent $8-billion less than it promised in its 2011 budget, a budget on which the Conservatives campaigned. They are attempting to sell Ottawa’s frugality as a lack of transparency, but in this case it’s far more sensible to see it as a wise use of taxpayers’ money at a time when governments need to reduce their deficits. Call it leading by example.


Jen said...

Dr. Roy, as long as the cpc are in government doing what you have just written on your blog, the public will not hear of it. Very rarely do we hear anything positive of the cpc from the media.

Thank you for highlighting it anyway.

Dr. Roy how about showing the tape showing Carney in Committee being intimidated by the NDP?

Thucydides said...

Now if the $8 billion lower spendig is the baseline for 2013, and the CPC can eliminate another $8 billion from that (and continue to do so for a few more years), then we will be moving into safe territory even if Ontario or Quebec default.

Better yet, several years of doing this can be translated into a broad based tax cut, something which the Canadian economy badly needs