Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dr Roy on Sun TV

I was on Sun Tv with Jerry Agar ( replacing Ezra ). We discussed, OMA proposed, new taxes.


sal paradise said...

"Dr." Roy, if the announcer's smug intro wasn't enough, you lost me immediately with the one-two punch of that lazy, none-too-bright, how-did-this-guy-become-an-MD-? appearance and with your opening lines of "Um. Well. I-I..."


Another compelling "argument" courtesy of Sun News.

Enjoy the echochamber.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Roy, you're personally obese and diabetic. Your excessive lifestyle will cost taxpayers thousands as we treat your fat ass.

Best line? "taking and giving at the same time..." Something you know plenty about!!

Anon1152 said...

Are personal attacks really called for? They don't really help the argument...