Friday, October 19, 2012

Bush Kennedy

I attended an interesting event in Montreal with George P. Bush and Joseph Kennedy II. It was billed as a pre election debate that was hosted by the Montreal Board of Trade. I had a nice chat with George P. Bush. We spoke about GOP minority outreach. I attended his MavBash when I was at the RNC. He was quite interested in the fact that I had been to the RNC and was not American. He told that to Congressman Kennedy. The debate was moderated by Michel Fortier. It was interesting to watch the debate. I of course was much more in favour of Bush's comments. Kennedy would stop talking and went on and on about climate change.  Though Kennedy praised Bush 41 effusively. He hardly let his opponent speak at all. Kennedy did admit that Romney had triumphed with the first debate but was convinced bo would win. I hope he is wrong!

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