Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bo's Saviour candy crowley

Romney did pretty well considering he was up against bo and Bo's minion candy Crowley. No wonder CNN 's ratings continue to plummet. CNN is no better than msnbc. Romney did kill Bo on the economy and the debate showed the audience the obvious media bias.

The Media. The greatest threat to a Romney victory after a good debate tonight was the mainstream media.
It was obvious before this debate that they would spin anything but a full-on catatonic episode from Obama as a full-on Obama triumph. And it was also obvious that they’d jump all over Mitt Romney as a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a racist, a murderer, and a genocidal maniac. A desperate media with the patina of objectivity would have been Romney’s worst nightmare.
Thanks to abysmal moderator Candy Crowley, however, the mask is gone. Crowley handed Obama three minutes of extra time. She interrupted Romney far more than she did Obama. She stacked the questions two-to-one in favor of Obama-friendly questions. And she jumped into the Libya question to save Obama when he was on the ropes. Even Crowley recognized what a booboo she’d committed with that one. Meanwhile, as Obama played his class warfare card, media types cheered – literally cheered – in the other room.


Anonymous said...

Candy Crowley in not acknowledging fast and furious during the Obama administration giving assault weapons to drug dealers and then having the administration not explain why was relevant to assault rifles on the street essentially sacrificed any hint that she is an investigative journalist. How could she even imply that asking Obama about Fast and Furious has nothing to do with assault rifles on the street?

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney more then held his own against a very biased set up.
Obama I think had a clear advantage in more time to speak and far fewer inturuptions.
Candy jumping in on the Libya question when Obama is so clearly lieing was disgusting.
Mr Romney very clearly showed Obamas complete lack of any knowledge of how a things actually work.
4.00a gallon gas is good?
Cheers Bubba

fernstalbert said...

Unfortunately for Obama his response to this act of terrorism is on video - as was the attack on the embassy. This will be sorted out by the Congress and security committees as to who, why and how. The biggest farce is the media - and their laying of cover for Obama and his administration. Candy Crowley may have saved him for another day but it will eventually cause the final destruction of the MSM and their selective interpretation of facts.
Who can trust the messenger? Cheers.

Jen said...

What we saw in Candy towards Obama, is exactly we see here with the canadian reporters with the liberals and ndp.

Anonymous said...

Crowley said to Anderson after the debate that she was sorry they didn't get to another important question lined up about climate change. Thank goodness they didn't get to this topic. Just another liberal handpicked topic.

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