Friday, October 12, 2012

Another pq propaganda minister

More xenophobia and propaganda from the 'education' minister. The pq continues its campaign of keeping the poor French Canadians uneducated and ethnically cleansing everyone who is not purelaine. Apparently the uneducation minister believes English is a foreign language. Did people actually vote for these bigots?
Published Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 5:55PM EDT
MONTREAL - Interim Liberal leader Jean-Marc Fournier is blasting PQ Education Minister Marie Malavoy's curriculum proposals, which would put the brakes on the learning of English in French schools and increase time spent teaching sovereignty.

Malavoy told Le Soleil newspaper of her plans, which also include a possible halt to the teaching of English in elementary schools.


Anonymous said...

Thats not education. It is indoctrination. They will reap what the sow. Good bye Quebec. It wasn't even all that nice to know you.

Jen said...

Question is "will the Montreal Canadians' hockey players be told to speak only French. Or, only french speaking hockey players are allowed to play in the Montreal Canadians?

From what I am reading Dr. Roy, Quebec's pq education minister is very uneducated to his surroundings and reality.

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