Sunday, October 07, 2012

A great idea

It is good to have easier access to information. The government needs to be way more transoparent. Canada’s archaic access-to-information regime is about to establish a toehold in the online world. The Harper government is planning a pilot project early next year to allow ordinary citizens and others to request internal documents under the Access to Information Act via the Internet. The one-stop online portal would route each request to the proper department, allow fees to be paid electronically, and permit detailed tracking of the processing of the file. Canada’s access-to-information legislation was born in 1982, and the current system largely reflects a bygone era of paper cheques and forms, envelopes and postage stamps. For years, critics have pressed Harper government to haul the creaking system into the digital world to save money and reduce growing backlogs, pointing to Mexico and the United States as examples...

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