Friday, September 28, 2012

The Commonwealth

It is fascinating to watch the left sputter while HM Canadian moves to strengthen our economy and trade. We have this truly silly article from Hepburn. His self hatred us only too evident. Hepburn hates , the American, the British and everyone else in the west. This article from Brian Stewart is actually much more on point. The week's flap over proposed new Canada-Britain embassy sharing seemed to read both far too much into the agreement, and too little. It is most unlikely this arrangement will eclipse our own foreign policy in any way, as the opposition warns. But nor is it quite the small housekeeping matter — akin to sharing printers and a supplies cupboard — that the Conservatives seek to portray it as. What it may well portend, though, is yet another incremental step by this particular Canadian government (and Britain) towards what academics call "the Anglosphere," a concept that has fascinated its advocates across the English-speaking world for the past 20 years or so. This is the rather grand theory that, in these turbulent times, a new network of like-minded nations is coalescing around certain core members — the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand — who share, aside from language, a set of values, a common law heritage and long-existing networks of military and civilian co-operation. I am not sure why the leftis so scared of more Commonwealth cooperation. The Commonwealth represents people of all races and creeds. English is an official language of India. Indeed it is regularly spoken in the Indian parliament. Let us renew and strengthen our ties with the Commonwealth. HM PM Stephen Harper will help lead the the way to more freedom, trade and peace!

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