Saturday, September 22, 2012

Terry Glavin on the jihadi threat

Terry has another escellent piece on the threat to our very way of life by the jihadi killers and their appeasing leftist allies. Islamist Barbarism’s ‘Gigantic Lurch Forward.’ September 22, 2012. 12:42 am • Section: Opinion Posted by: Terry Glavin Recent Posts From This Author Islamist Barbarism’s ‘Gigantic Lurch Forward.’Posted on Sep 22, 2012 Paul Heinbecker and his Friends in Low Places.Posted on Sep 17, 2012 Civics Lesson: Stephen Harper No “Trotskyite.”Posted on Sep 13, 2012 And Another Thing. . .Posted on May 23, 2012 We could accept it as a mere coincidence that all the riots, murders, flag-burnings and embassy-stormings underway at the moment just happen to immediately precede this coming week’s renewed efforts to have the United Nations adopt a worldwide “blasphemy law.” I suppose too that we could go on the premise that it’s also just a coincidence that the demand is coming, again, from the 56 notorious torture states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, formerly known as the Organization of the Islamic Conference. 5gall0921stan+US+Prophet+Film Islamist Barbarisms Gigantic Lurch Forward. This year’s round of demands is vowed to be led by this year’s OIC leader, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. By another coincidence, Erdoğan just happens to preside over a country with more journalists in prison than even China or Iran – 94 at last count, the biggest bloc coming from minority Kurdish journalists. Erdoğan has pledged to make the current rounds of violent delirium in offended religious feelings an excuse to call yet again for “international legal regulations against attacks on what people deem sacred, on religion.” Let’s make the assumption for the moment that the whole damn thing is just one big astonishing coincidence. Around this time last year in the Ottawa Citizen I went out on what some people thought was a bit of a limb: The toxins spread through the culture’s lymphatic systems, and less than a decade after everyone was only nervously snickering at the very idea of a “war on terror” as something that was practically, theoretically, and even grammatically impossible, “peace with terror” is now broadly held to be entrenched in the very foundation of conventional wisdom. That’s how terrorism works. It’s in the way it frightens us to retreat into comforting lies and delusion. Pretty sturdy limb, it turns out. Comforting lie: The reason all these hysterical protesters are killing their own policemen and burning KFC franchises and threatening to haul up their own citizens on charges of blasphemy if they don’t join in on the mayhem is because their feelings have been hurt by a Youtube video. Delusion: The Islamists’ distemper would be soothed and everything would be okay if they only knew that Barack Obama doesn’t like the movie either.

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