Tuesday, September 25, 2012

stupid journalist tricks

The clown journalists maher and mcgregor at the Ottawa citizen have shown themselves to be anti Tory shills with their robocalls "investigation". One of the clowns has written a truly ridiculous piece. Apparently , a Minister of the Crown informing people interested in a topic , about developments on that topic, is evil. And it shows that these clowns are too lazy to even google. It's always good to quote virulent Harper haters according to the clowns. Perhaps they did google and forgot to mention it. This is what passes for journalism. Perhaps the clown Mcgregor should read this .


Anonymous said...

Hey Dr

Your highlited link to M&M's ridiculous piece actually only takes the reader to the google results for the dyke activist. The google highlite also takes to the results as one might expect.

Can you correct the link to M&M's piece for us?

Thank you from a west coast reader.

Roy Eappen said...

Sorry. Link fixed

Alan said...

I would've thought the Ottawa Citizen and PostMedia would have the Hardy Boys on a very tight leash after the massive debacle with the RoboCalls series. What a letdown that must've been for Maher and McGregor.
I do hope they realize that "Google" is out there if they need answers to questions before allotting blame and casting dispersions.

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