Saturday, September 15, 2012


Everyone has a right to privacy. Even Our Royal Family!!! I find the paparazzi despicable. Using high power lenses to take pictures of the Duke and Duches of Cambridge is a clear invasion of privacy. HRH Prince Henry( I pray for his safety and the safety of all of HM Forces) was in his own hotel room. The privacy laws in France ate pretty strict so Isuspect this magazine will be forced to pay substantial damages. Good!!! On Friday (14Sep12), editors at Closer magazine published 14 images of the couple relaxing on the terrace of a private property in Provence during a brief vacation last week (ends09Sep12). Several of the images show the Duchess removing her bikini top, relaxing on a sun lounger, giggling with the Prince, and rubbing sun cream on his back.

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Alain said...

I could not agree more and also hope the magazine has to pay big time. I have always found disgusting what I call trash media. I also agree that everyone has a right privacy, be they royalty, politicians or common citizens. Were a spot light shown on the producers of this garbage, the sight would not be a pretty one, but they never give that a second thought.

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