Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pat Martin wants NDP supporters and all Canadians...

To pay his legal bills. pat Martin regularly puts both feet in his big mouth. Now he expects Canadian taxpayers to bail him out. This weasel should be left to twist in the wind. Pat Martin is a national embarrassment. I hope Racknine gets its millions from him and the NDP. Others should also be sued like the the pathetic duo at the Ottawa citizen who have never met a Tory that they didn't want to libel. wonder if the dippers will attempt to give out tax receipts for this as well. Elections Canada would likely turn a blind eye to it. NDP MP seeks public’s help with legal bills in robo-calls case STEVEN CHASE OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail Published Monday, Sep. 10 2012, 8:24 PM EDT Last updated Monday, Sep. 10 2012, 9:27 An NDP MP is turning to the Internet to cover his legal bills in the face of a lawsuit for wrongly accusing an Alberta company of electoral fraud. Supporters and friends of Pat Martin are trying to raise $250,000 after the Winnipeg MP was sued for comments he made about the 2011 election robo-calls scandal. ... “RackNine was merely an innocent intermediary, not a participant in electoral fraud,” Mr. Martin said April 16 at a brief Parliament Hill news conference. But Alberta’s RackNine is still proceeding with a suit against Mr. Martin as well as one against the New Democratic Party. RackNine is seeking $5-million. There have been attempts to settle but these have so far failed. Mr. Martin said the House of Commons might cover some of his legal costs – but he can’t predict what. “The House may pick up some of my costs based on the outcome of the lawsuit,” he said. “In the meantime the legal costs are staggering.” He said fundraising is being undertaken for him because the party has its own legal bills to cover. “The party has its own case to defend,” Mr. Martin said. “This is my problem and I’m handling it as best I can. I’m very grateful to … trustees of the Defence Trust Fund for their support and kicking off this fund raising


Anonymous said...

Perhaps "motormouth" Pat should have thought of this prior to making disparaging comments.
Time and again this guy gets into hot water, now he has to pay the price and grovelling to taxpayers for funding is the lowest of the lowest.
I concur, he should be hung out to dry.
A lesson well learned.
No sympathy from me.

Archie said...

What I cannot understand is that he was complaining that his lawyers had to travel back and forth from Toronto and Alberta at great cost (most likely flying 1st class). Are not the lawyers in Alberta any good or are Martin's lawyers are from the same firm as the NDP's lawyers in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Gee Pat Martin's mouth has gotten him into some very hot water.
This is especially good seeing as how the only people responsible for robo-calls were Liberals.
The chief witness lied.
I hope you end up sleeping under a bridge Mr Martin, you had no thought about mercy or process.
The only money from me will be for beer and popcorn to enjoy a bully getting his due.
Cheers Bubba

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