Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mulcair on separation

So it looks like mulcair is backing away from the Sherbrooke declaration and recognizing the clarity act. Wonder what his band of Quebec separatist MPs will think of that. I think it is a very good idea.


fernstalbert said...

It strikes me as a prudent, public retreat. However, when the cameras are off, what is the message to his caucus? Call me cynical - but I think its a wink and nod to the separatist elements of his MPs. Cheers.

Jen said...

Especially when the canadian flag is taken down at the Quebec Assembly speaks the language that we all knew along -QUEBEC does not want to be part of Canada. A vision of a slap to us all who have given our money in transfer payment to them.

Mulclair is staying clear away from the word 'separation' but his actions and words speaks of it.

In fact, Mulclair wanted TWO budgets from the fed government: One for Quebec and One for the ROC.

The media of course remained quiet which tells me that they applaud Muclair's TWO BUDGETS.

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