Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Michael Sona is innocent

As I have said before my friend Michael Sona is innocent. I have been very unhappy how he has been treated by the msm, elections Canada and even the Tories. This report pretty much exonerates him. He should sue the elections Canada liars and macgregor and his hapless friends. The only people convicted of malfeasance in this so called robocall scandal is the liberal frank vale rite. wonder what Maude Barlow will say to all this. I guess reality is not an option for the grits and their friends. The damning conversations were recounted in a court record that was sworn in March but didn’t become public until early May. The document supported Mathews’ request for access to records held by Rogers Communications. But in a subsequent court document sworn by Matthews in late May — and seeking information from Rogers, MTS Allstream and Google — the investigator recounted a different version of his discussions with McBain.

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