Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jonathan Kay on the shut down of debate

I am pro life. Apparently anyone with my view point hates women and should shut up. Apparently if you are a woman and love life , you hate yourself. Sigh. Jon Kay has it right. We will not be silent.

Canada often is described as being closer to Europe than to the United States in our attitude toward social policy. And this is true — but with two major exceptions: health care and abortion. Unlike every European nation, Canada bans citizens from using their own money to pay privately for core health care needs. And unlike every European nation, our government places no gestational limits on abortion. There is no nation in Europe where a woman 20 weeks pregnant can walk into a medical clinic and demand an abortion for purely discretionary reasons. But in Canada, as far as our law goes, jaywalking is a more serious offence than is aborting a 39-week-old fetus. Yet, as between these two unique Canadian policy anomalies — health care and abortion — there is an extraordinary difference in the way they are discussed in the marketplace of ideas. However restrictive the Canada Health Act me be, there is no taboo against discussing its reform. Indeed, every now and again, our government even strikes up a blue-ribbon commission to examine the issue. Under the Liberals, we had Roy Romanow’s one-man “Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada.” Earlier this year, the Senate completed a major review of the 2004 federal-provincial health accord. And just this month, the Globe & Mail‘s Jeffrey Simpson published a thick book on the subject. For Canadian policy wonks, debating health care is nothing less than a national sport. Abortion is entirely different. Among great swathes of the political left, and even the centre, the very concept of possible legal reform is seen as tantamount to vicious misogyny. Literally.


Anonymous said...

Yep let's cut off dialogue with the evil Iranians but plenty of time to talk aboot women's reproductive rights.

Pro-life my ass.

How many Iranian children are you prepared to accidentally
drone while discussing how pro-life you all are.

Yer pals in the states make too many weapons last year?

I'm listening.

RAJAN said...

Anonymous's comment is an excellent example of the tyrannical tendencies of the left. Throw personal insults, change the subject and use outrageous analogies to shut down debate, classic tactics of the liberal fascists.

I Support Lord Black