Wednesday, September 05, 2012

HM PM Harper and Quebec

The Tory base is pretty fed up in Quebec. We have few Quebec seats. Mario's has a very weak hand to play. Our base will really tolerate pandering to Quebec. That chronically weak support for a Quebec state is why Mr. Harper paid little attention to the sovereigntist threat while the Charest Liberals were in power. Now that the PQ is in, he must pay attention. But that doesn’t mean he has to play their game. Ms. Marois will demand new powers for Quebec over employment insurance, culture and communications, immigration and foreign policy, and who knows what else. The Conservatives, in response, will politely but firmly reject every demand. No negotiations. No accommodation. The federal focus will be on jobs, trade and eliminating the deficit – and nothing else. That, simply, is what a strategy of non-engagement entails.

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