Sunday, September 02, 2012

Dr Roy at the RNC

Al Cardenas and 3 Romney Sons

Gov Susan Martinez

Craig Romney

Tagg Romney

Sen Marco Rubio

HM PM John Howard

Rep Ron Paul and Paul Beaudry

Min Tony Clement MP John Carmichael Min Peter Van Loen

Super Blogger Dana Loesch

Lord Ashcroft

Josh Bolten Condi Rice Rep Kay Granger Contance Berry Newman
Sen Pat Toomey

Rep Dreier

Grover Norqwuist

Sen John McCain

Baroness Warsi   

Sen Norm Coleman

Mps Andrew Saxon John Carmichael nnd Bob Dechert

juan Williams

 I had an amazing time in Tampa last week.  I attended the Republicans Abroad, IDU program. It was amazing to hear from journalists, Romney campaign insiders and many GOP politicians. I got to meet and ask Ron Paul a question. I asked him why he was against NAFTA. Ron Paul said he thought Canada was doing pretty well. I attende several International Republican Institute policy events on foreign policy with speakers like Condi Rice and Norm Coleman. It was great to meet Center right MPs from around the world( New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua...) I made lots of new friends. I spoke to the head of the IDU John Howard several times. It was amazing to speak to Dan Hannan and HM PM Howard about closer Anglosphere and Commonwealth ties. It was great talking to Lord Ashcroft of Conservative home and Baroness Warsi. He wanted "real" free trade.  I also met Senator McCain, who was amazing. I wish this McCain was running in 2008. He was bright, funny and very likeable. I was impressed by the vast sums of money being spent by both parties. I loved Ann Romney's speech. I was very impressed by both Congreesman Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. I am much more hopeful that obama can be defeated and the US put back on a center right path.
 There were many great parties including Homocon 2012 of which I was a co sponsor. Homocon is the GoProud party. I got some ideas for our next Fabulous Blue Tent party at the 2013 Tory Convention. I'm not sure if we will have scantily clad dancing boys and girls though. I often got home after 1 AM , which is why I haven't blogged much.  I was impressed with the kindness and hospitality that greted us at all events and by even average convention goers. i was equally impressed by the paucity of protesters and their complete ineffectiveness. The final prayer was given by Cardinal Dolan.
 It was an amazing week!!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing amount of lies told by Paul Ryan about so many things. As a principled Conservative, how do you square yourself with that?

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of you! Must have been great.

There was one speaker who really should run for office, he was so amazing. He was an Olympic medal winner who is Hispani from California but represented the U.S. in speed skating at the Utah Olympics. He spoke so movingly about how his best moment in life was not winning a medal, but helping carry the flag from 9/11 into the Olympic stadium.

Anonymous said...

You say 'lies' because your clique said so. His words were truthful enough.

That's why you're calling them 'lies', they were too close to the bone.

If you have to explain that a plant announced their closing in 2008, but shuttered in 2009 as a defence against Ryan quoting Obama, you've already lost.

Anonymous said...

Lyin' Ryan can run a marathon in 2 hour s 50 minutes!!! Character counts and Ryan does not have it.

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