Saturday, September 08, 2012

Canada's job numbers

Contrast Canadian job numbers. Our economy created 34000 (economists were predicting 5000) Our unemployment rate stayed the same because more people are looking for work. US rate went down because people are leaving the US job market. The US needs to rid itself of bo. bo shuld learn from HM Canadian Government. Canada adds 34,000 jobs in August, outpacing July loss Fri Sep 7, 2012 3:56pm EDT By Randall Palmer OTTAWA (Reuters) - The Canadian economy added 34,300 jobs in August, recouping all 30,400 positions lost in July, as it returned to the recent trend of slow net increases in employment, Statistics Canada data on Friday showed. The gains topped the expectations of analysts surveyed by Reuters. They predicted, on average, a gain of 10,000 jobs, and the highest prediction was for 25,000. All the job gains were part time, mirroring part-time losses in July. The unemployment rate remained at 7.3 percent, as forecast, because more Canadians looked for work in August.

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Anonymous said...

we should be very concerned about the u.s. numbers. almost one third of americans who can work are out of work. that does not bode well for trade. people without money can buy nothing, not even gas for the car they might stll have.

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