Sunday, September 30, 2012

Consistent Tories

I am glad to support the Tories on this!!! The environmentostalinist wish to destroy the West!

The Harper government has been utterly consistent in stressing that it would not pursue policies that would damage the economy The first week of the new parliamentary session was marked by the government offensive against the NDP’s alleged enthusiasm for destroying jobs via a carbon tax. The Conservatives accused the official opposition of supporting a “tax on everything.” NDP leader Thomas Mulcair retorted by accusing the government of a “bare-faced lie” (something of which he, technically, is incapable). What the NDP actually supports, he pointed out, is a cap and trade system. Some pundits noted that cap and trade is for all intents and purposes little different from a carbon tax, since they both cost jobs. Others pointed out that cap and trade was superior because it used “the market.” Still others alighted on the fact that the Conservatives’ regulatory approach was a job-destroyer too. It was also recorded that the Conservatives themselves supported cap and trade back in 2008. What hypocrites! With regard to this last point, it should be noted that the Harper government’s espousal of cap and trade was predicated entirely on following U.S. policy out of fear of potential reprisals. Thus when the U.S. proposal died in the U.S. Senate in 2009, so did the Harper government’s interest in the policy....


Anonymous said...

Mr Muclair and his "magic" tax which is a tax on everything whatever he wants to call it.
He is the "Bear faced liar" IMO
Bubba Brown

Ted Betts said...

Funny stuff. You even admit in your own post that Harper has changed his position on this, and yet you try to claim he is being "utterly consistent".

He has been anything but consistent. He has been the biggest hypocrite on the environment treating all voters as patsies.

He campaigned on a "made in Canada" environmental policy then immediately after getting elected said 'we'll do what the Americans are doing'.

He now says that a cap and trade policy is a tax. In 2008, he said explicitly that it was not a tax.

He has defended cap and trade as the best way to reduce emisions and said that it would not kill a single job. Now he says it will destroy the economy.

Harper will say and do anything to keep power. If between elections, he completely reverses his position on something, like with cap and trade, like with income trusts, like with appointing senators... then he claims he has always held that view and his sycophants claim he has never changed his mind.

Oceania is at war with Eurasia. It has always been at war with Eurasia. He runs a perfect Orwellian government.

Anonymous said...

Every fee, every levy, every surcharge is a tax. Only politicians try to claim these are not taxes. Whenver anything inceases in price because of government action it is a tax. Politicians are almost as great at not calling a tax a tax as they are at increasing taxes.

Powell Lucas

Roy Eappen said...

Ted your comments are funny . You belong to aparty that stands fr nothing but having power. Your party will crown another leader soon. Have fun with the petit dauphin. I will enjoy watching Harper and Mulcair eat him alive.

Ted Betts said...

What? Not even going to try a defence Roy?

Very funny and very predictable.

You know you've won the argument when the only response is a personal attack or an attack on something that was not being discussed.

I Support Lord Black