Saturday, September 22, 2012

Canada's reputation is number 1!!!

The leftist msm and the dippers will be shocked once again. For the third year in a row, Canada has the best reputation in the world. Of the countries in the world with the best reputations 4 of top 5 are constitutional monarchies. 3 of the top 5 are senior commonwealth realms with HM the Queen as Head of State. Canada is the Country With the Best Reputation in the World According to Reputation Institute Study Finds Direct Link between a Country's Reputation and its Levels of FDI and Tourism Receipts NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2011 /CNW/ -- Canada has earned the highest reputation ranking in Reputation Institute's 2011 Country RepTrak(TM), an annual study measuring the public perceptions of 50 countries around the world. The study measures the overall Trust, Esteem, Admiration and Good Feelings the public holds towards these countries, as well as their perceptions across 16 different attributes, including a good quality of life, a safe place to live and a strong attention to their environment. Results from over 42,000 respondents worldwide showed that Canada scored well in all of these elements. "The study shows that a strong country reputation requires a solid performance across three different areas: having an advanced economy, an appealing environment and an effective government," says Nicolas Georges Trad, Executive Partner of Reputation Institute, a global consulting firm specializing in reputation management. Canada was followed by Sweden, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand, all showing stability in their high scores throughout the three years of this annual study. Their strong reputations are attributed to their steady democracies, high GDP per capita, focus on active lifestyles, well developed political systems and perceived neutrality to international political upheavals. The lowest ranked countries in the 50-country study were Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, while the United States and China were ranked in the middle and lower tiers.


robins111 said...

I rather expect the run on Prozac, and Imodium in the Toronto area won't make the news after this story is released.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there was a great story about this on CBC....just kidding.

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