Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The IDU at the RNC

I went to several of the IDU/Republicans Abriad events. Interesting seeing MOs from center Right parties all over the world. A great pleasure to Meet Lord Ashcroft. It was nice to see Daniel Hannan and Jihn Howard again. There were MPs from Georgia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Norway, Macedonia, Canada New Zealand and many other countries. We got briefings of the state of the campaign from journalists and insiders. We ended the day with dinner and then I went to the Nuevstra Nueche event. Hit was a party celebrating Hispanic GOP governors and other elected officials. Given the growing demographics of minorities, I think the GOP has to reach ut more to minorities. GeirgeP. Bush ( Jeb's) son is involved in such an initiative. 3 of Mitt,s sons also attended the event. One of them spoke to the crowd in excellent Spanish. I did get to talk to be of them. He was the spitting image of his dad. A very interesting and fun first day. Very little evidence of the hurricane.

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