Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I am very much in favour of these new properties. As it stands now all Aborignal reserve land is held in trust by the Crown. Property rights should be given to Aborignals on reserves. This is not being forced on anyone. It is up to Native Band Councils to decide. I appreciate Rob Clark's bill as well. Ultimately we must get rid of the lpaternalistic Indian Act. Unfortunately some Aborignal leaders seem afraid to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.

The Conservative government will introduce legislation that would allow first nations members living on reserve to own their property, a radical change that aims to spur economic development in native communities that choose to embrace the new law. It’s all part of an ambitious Conservative agenda to bring fundamental changes to relations between Ottawa and the first nations – on property rights, on matrimonial rights, on financial transparency and on education.

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Danny Melvin said...

At first, it sounds great, giving aboriginals their own property rights, and I am all for scrapping the Indian Act.

However, it appears to have a completely unilateral approach. The federal government will paternalistically decide what is best for Native Canadians, either our way or nothing, without consultation as to preserving what little is left of their own customs and traditions.

The feds should first address longstanding problems caused by the Indian Act, such as band councils set up by the Canadian government which are rotten with federal money and crush the power of the traditional band councils and keep the majority in the grinding poverty we see on the news.

I would love to see Harper do something about that.

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