Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan

I am a big fan of Congressman Ryan. I am glad he is Mitt's running mate. Ryan is smart, young, experienced and very conservative.

Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as running mate 08/11/2012 10:38 By Matt Viser, Globe Staff NORFOLK, Va. – Mitt Romney unveiled on Saturday morning Representative Paul Ryan as his choice for running mate, a bold move that comes at the end of an intense selection process and is likely to shake up a presidential race out of the summer doldrums. Emerging from a hulking Navy warship festooned in red, white and blue bunting, Romney lavished praise on the Wisconsin Republican. “He doesn’t demonize his opponents. He understands honorable people can have honest differences,” Romney said. “He’s never been content to simply curse the darkness. He’d rather light candles.” Romney wore a tie, no jacket, while Ryan was in jacket, no tie – making the pair, at least symbolically, a full suit. They raised arms together, smiled widely, with family members in the crowd. But the announcement was not without a glaring hiccup. Romney, toward the end of his speech, introduced Ryan as “the next president of the United States.” Romney briefly left the stage as Ryan began his remarks, but then reemerged to the microphone. “Every now and then I’m known to make a mistake,” Romney said. “I did not make a mistake with this guy. But I can tell you this: he’s going to be the next vice president of the United States.” Ryan then launched into a speech mixed with personal details about himself, a man most of the country knows little about, and a skewering of President Obama’s policies. “No one disputes President Obama inherited a difficult situation -- and, in his first two years, with his party in complete control of Washington, he passed nearly every item on his agenda,” Ryan said. “But that didn’t make things better. In fact, we find ourselves in a nation facing debt, doubt and despair.” His remarks expanded on the Romney campaign’s attempts to make the election a referendum on President Obama. Yet, by choosing one of the intellectual fiscal heavyweights of his party as his running mate, Romney is offering voters a stark contrast with Obama in how they would approach reshaping the balance of government and private markets and the role of such entitlement programs as Medicare for the next generations. Ryan, who is the chairman of the House Budget Committee, endorsed Romney before Wisconsin’s Republican primary in late March. He comes from a state that leans Democrat but could come into play in November, with its 10 electoral votes. The state has been ground zero for a showdown between unions of public workers and governors who seek to curtail their collective bargaining rights.


Anonymous said...

Great choice. Don't know that Obama and some of the Democrats are honourable men, however.

Now will Obama pick Hilary Clinton to save himself?

maryT said...

Can't wait for the VP debate, Ryan will cream Biden.

Anonymous said...

He might be a little too "White" for America these days if you ask me! Mitt should might have been smarter to pick a person of color I think.

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