Wednesday, August 01, 2012

More nonsense from larry

Apparently Larry sees an Evangelical Tory agenda. Apparently the creepy Larry wants to delve into HM PM Harper's religious beliefs. I wish the Tory agenda was more pro life , but it is not and Larry is once again completely wrong. Get a new job larry or retire. Your pro left wing agenda has clouded your remaining brain cells. It is clear that Larry knows nothing about Evangelical Christians or the Tories. Much has been made of the government’s muzzling of the science community, its low regard for statistics, its hard line against environmentalists. Because Stephen Harper otherwise appears to be a clear-headed rationalist, there is some wonder about the motivation for these impulses, including the question of whether they are triggered by his evangelical beliefs. The Prime Minister is a member of the Alliance Church, more specifically the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The church believes the free market is divinely inspired and views science and environmentalism with what might be called scorn.

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Frances said...

What's that old saying, Dr Roy: There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. I would much rather have as leader of my country someone who looks on people as being God's children rather than - as scientists and doctors increasingly seem to do - as economic units who are valuable only as long as they are 'contributors' to society.

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