Thursday, August 09, 2012

More Anglo Bashing by the separatists

There is always a claim from separatists in Quebec that theirs is not an ethnic nationalism but a territorial nationalism. Once again this claim is shown to be a lie. Many of the foolish and frankly bigotted policies announced by Pauline Marois are meant to marginalized the English minority and continue the ethnic cleansing that the pq hopes will finally win them a referendum. Parizeau said it was money and the ethics that defeated the referendum. Indeed driving more of us out is a winning condition f Or the separatists. Most of my my fellow Quebeckers of all backgrounds will be UNhappy with these proposals. Indeed it seems unconstitutional to force adults to go to French Schools. McGill has a large number of Francophones in attendance. I hope French Canadians will see this for what it is, xenophobia.One dies not preserve one'culture by suppressing others.

A Parti Québécois government would introduce new limits on the legal use of the English language and on religious expression in some public places, PQ leader Pauline Marois vowed Tuesday during a campaign stop in Percé on the Gaspé peninsula. Marois said if elected, her government would pass a new, tougher version of Quebec's language law, Bill 101, within a year. "We have abandoned the defence of our language," she told reporters, saying the use of the French language is on the decline, particularly in Montreal. 'If we don't wage this battle, we could lose [our] identity,' —PQ leader Pauline Marois She said in some restaurants and small service outlets, for example, "it is very hard to be served in French." "It's why for me it's important to adopt a new Bill 101," Marois said. "Our identity is so important. We are French people in North America. We are a small minority. If we don't wage this battle, we could lose this identity." The law would apply the existing requirement that the French language be used in the workplace, to apply to small businesses with as few as 11 employees. Small businesses are currently exempt from Bill 101's provisions on French in the workplace.


Marc-André Parizeau said...

Being from Quebec City, I see this as a measure of fear, of cowardliness by the PQ.

How can you be proud of your culture if it's forced down your throat?

Even during her press announcement, you can see the hypocrisy of this measure because she state that she want us to choose freely??!!??

I'm repeating myself but, how can you be proud of your culture if it's forced down your throat?

PQ = xenophobia and wants to bring Quebecers back to the stone age cut-off od the REAL world.

Anonymous said...

I ran across a couple of editions of "Canadian Magazine" from 1971.
There was an article about St Pierre and Miquelon.
After De Gaulle's visit to Canada they got a lot of tourists from Quebec.
To quote the French Islanders " The Quebec Tourists are so patronizing, they treat us as if we should be honored to be visited by them.
They think they are more French and cultured then us.
We cannot understand their French and they know nothiung of France.
We speak real French and we are French"
Just sayin'
I think the train left the station long ago.

Sean M said...

Marois is a fool and a bigot. Culture??? What "culture" is she referring to... the one that forces french language tribalism, historical revisionism, and the cleansing of the English speaking people who built that diseased Province. Some "culture", who would want to be part of that?

Anonymous said...

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