Friday, August 24, 2012

Grits fined for robocall dirty tricks

Well, well, well, so look who has been fined for robocalls. Not the Tories. So the grits get a slap on the wrist not for breaking election laws but from the CRTC. No surprise as elections Canada is a grit operation. OTTAWA - Liberal MP Frank Valeriote has been slapped with a $4,900 fine for a robocall that broke telecom rules during the 2011 federal campaign. The CRTC issued the violation notice Friday to the Guelph Federal Liberal Association on behalf of Valeriote, indicating robocalls made on April 30, 2011 were not within regulations. The prerecorded call, which was paid for by the Liberals, featured a woman's voice and suggested Guelph, Ontario, Tory candidate Marty Burke is anti-choice. The recording did not state it was from the Liberal riding association and the number of origin was not revealed - both requirements under CRTC's telecom rules. Valeriote says his campaign made an honest mistake. "We were unaware of certain requirements and inadvertently neglected to include some identifying features in the message, such as a phone number and address," Valeriote said in a statement. "When I first learned of the errors in the call earlier this year, I was fully and immediately co-operative with the CRTC; I take full responsibility and apologize for the infringement." Conservative party spokesman Fred Delorey says Valeriote's "dirty tricks" are "simply shameful." "How many other Liberal campaigns broke Canadian telecommunication rules? How many used robocalls to mislead Canadian voters?" Delorey wrote on Twitter. "One can't help but wonder, without these misleading phone calls to voters, would have the election outcome in Guelph been different?


Anonymous said...

Go figure, it is delicious, maybe an good omen of things to come.

Jen said...

Apparently CBC has a different outlook to the story which they deliberately failed to address before. If possible, get that tape.

Just heard CBC news with Carol McNeil, she had a CBC reporter on and she led off with the comment that Robocalls on their own were not illegal, however, the way the Liberal Guelph riding used the robocalls were. Question How come when the Robocalls originally hit the airways did CBC not use this same analogy but just ran with the headline Conservative Party of Canada stole election? Please review CBC report with Carol McNeil at noon.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any video of Valeriote accusing the concervatives about Robo calls?

Anonymous said...

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