Friday, August 03, 2012

Good for MP Brent Rathgeber

It is time to get rid of all the marketing boards. Good to see a Tory MP state this publicly!!! The ndp should back this, if they really care about the poor. In defence of free markets and agriculture Posted on August 2, 2012 Although I grew up in Saskatchewan, I really know very little about agriculture. My uncles and aunts were mostly farmers in the Melville/Goodeve districts of East Central, Saskatchewan and I have fond memories of familial visits and occasionally helping out with the harvest once I was old enough to drive a grain truck. Farming has certainly changed in the last 30 years or so. A recent trip to the farm of Red Deer MP Earl Dreeshan reinforced for me that in order to survive, farms have gotten bigger and equipment more expensive. It is big business, modern but still reliant on uncontrollable factors such as weather and markets and therefore extremely risky. As I stood yesterday at the Walde farm just south of Kindersley, Saskatchewan to celebrate Grain Marketing Freedom Day, I was struck by just how momentous this rural moment was. Western Canadian Grain farmers now have options—if they choose to, they can still sell their grain through the Canadian Wheat Board. However, if they wish to sell their wheat or barley directly to a mill or carry it across the border, they now have the liberty to do so. I believe in free markets and although I do not represent a single grain farmer, I am pleased that western grain farmers are no longer facing a monopsony.

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fernstalbert said...

Thank you for recognizing my MP - Brent Rathgeber is a rising star. He is an excellent, thoughful and I think fearless politician and should have more responsibility in cabinet. Cheers.

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