Friday, August 24, 2012

Charest and minorities

In many ways Jean Charest has been a bitter disappointment. He has expanded the Quebec state and continued massive spending.
He has not treated minorities , who massively vote for him, well

As long as the Parti Québécois exists, the Liberal leader said, Quebec politics will be dominated by debate over sovereignty and a referendum. And that debate takes place within the French-speaking community, not the English-speaking one. That’s why English-speaking voters feel their concerns are ignored.

As he has repeatedly during the campaign for the Sept. 4 Quebec election, Charest assured English-speaking voters that he doesn’t take their support for granted.

But his words are contradicted by his actions and those of his party during its last term in office. Charest has been willing to go farther than any other premier, including PQ ones, to weaken the legal protection for minority rights, including language rights.

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Jen said...

Legault has an opportunity to ask Charest:

"Why is Quebec taking equalition from other provinces when Quebec itself has recourses.

Why is Quebec resources still on the ground still left untouched.

Why is it that Quebec has$$$billion in debt?

You say that you are proud of Quebec for what:
for being in debt?
for taking money from other provinces while our resources still on the ground?
Constant rise of taxes?

Alberta, where the oilsands is at don't have 'free' daycare, nor does it have the lowest tuition fees nor live the luxury we are doing in this province.

Our taxes are so high it is driving small businesses out of here. And where do they go? USA and or to other provinces where taxes are lower.

What will happen to Quebec if and Have provinces like Sask, Alberta decide to put an end to equalization demanding more for their provinces and less to Quebec. You can't blame them for making that suggestion.
Quebec is part of Canada therefore we should be contribution just as much to the fed gov to maintain this entire country.

We can not continue abusing the money we are getting with a swift of one hand saying "oh well, there is more coming our way so we can spend on goodies as we wish" that is wrong and insulting.

Legault should be asking Charest those question.

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