Saturday, August 18, 2012


I was very upset when the AdQ merged with the CAQ. The right of center policies of the ADQ have disappeared. The CAQ is promising huge expenditures and job killing tax hikes. I have no idea who to vote for in the Quebec election.

MONTREAL - CAQ leader Francois Legault unveiled more details of his financial plans Friday, vowing to hike certain capital gains taxes, and pharmacist dispensing fees, alongside a variety of tax cuts. Legault promised $600 million for health care, changes that he vowed would give every family its own family doctor. He also promised a massive $1 billion injection into education. Legault would also take the axe to several institutions, providing about $2.1 billion in black ink to the ledger. Legault promised to close the Universite de Quebec’s head office, shut down certain health agencies (for savings of $100 million), and save on purchases in health and education to the tune of 10 percent. The CAQ is also targeting Hydro Quebec, which it believes could be cut for savings of $600 million, although Legault promised that the savnigs would be accomplished through attrition and increased efficiency rather than layoffs or sub-contracting. The party would also decrease dispensing fees for pharmacists, which Legault said “make no sense.” “I do not expect me to make friends at Jean Coutu or Pharmaprix,” he said. He said that the measure would save $250 million. On Thursday Legault described unions and school boards as the “forces of status quo, who will try to prevent a spring cleaning.” He added family physicians to that list Friday, promising to increase their work volumes by over 1,000 patients each.


Thucydides said...

While this might be difficult to contemplate at your stage in life (having established yourself, your profession and family), you may have to give serious consideration to voting with your feet.

Bypass Ontario, but perhaps you might consider Saskatchewan or Alberta as places where you can get established and continue to be rewarded for your work and efforts; not punished.

Anonymous said...

Hydro Quebec just did a lot of belt-tightening. What about Loto-Quebec, the Caisse de Dépot et de Placement or that stupid Office de la Langue Française? There are lots of agencies that could be abolished too.

Anonymous said...

amazing. who would have thought that quebec politicans would be promising the people of quebec more of the rest of canada's money.

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