Sunday, July 08, 2012

useless un

HM Minister of Foreign John Baird is right, but he should have said the whole un is a sick joke. OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird calls it a "sick joke" that the government of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad could get a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. "It would do irreparable damage to the United Nations and likely would be the biggest blow that the United Nations has taken since its formation," Baird said during a teleconference Friday after the Friends of Syria meeting in Paris. "What Assad needs to be facing is the International Criminal Court to face charges for committing crimes against humanity, he and his henchmen." Syria is a candidate in the 2013 election for seats on the council. The council condemned Syria on Friday for human rights violations, but UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer says it watered down a U.S. proposal to specifically rule out Syria's candidacy.

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Anonymous said...

So this means now that we can actually start treating our criminals like criminals? We should be able to induce corporal punishment on our criminal offenders. We should be able to assassinate criminal suspects without due process? The so called charter of rights and freedoms will become moot giving the police and military unrestricted powers of enforcement?

Or does this mean that Syria will now become a liberal hug a thug human rights tree hugging nation?

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