Thursday, July 05, 2012

Tory Fundraising Juggernaut rolls on

Tories raised almost $22.7 million from 110267donorslast year more than twice the grits. The dippers haven't announced their numbers but I doubt they raised more than the Tories. No one is sure why the dippers haven't reported yet. Perhaps to fix their accounting on the Union donations and the illegal donations to the broad bent fund. Electoral welfare is also slowly disappearing. The Tory advantage continues. Is that why the grits at elections Canada continue to selectively attack Tories? Apparently elections Canada couldn't investigate the librano sponsorship scandal that involved tens of millions in ill of dollars, because it was discovered more than 2 years later but they can always investigate a Tory even if it is 4 years after an election. OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative party raised $22.7 million last year to stock its war chest and help run its successful election campaign. The figure was released Wednesday by Elections Canada, confirming the long-held view that the governing Tories are experts at political fundraising. Although similar figures were released for the other major political parties, details on the NDP's financial records for 2011 were not released because the party requested an extension to the July 3, 2012 deadline. But once those records are filed with Elections Canada and publicly released, most expect the governing Tories to remain — far and away — the party that raised the most cash. The evidence comes from the financial returns for 2011 filed by parties to Elections Canada. It's an annual document, but the 2011 report was more significant than most because parties generally raise more funds in election years. Here are the highlights: - The Tories received $22.7 million in contributions from 110,267 individuals. - The Liberals received $10.1 million from 49,650 people. - The Green party received $1.7 million from 12,590 people. - The Bloc Quebecois received $789,491 from 7,056 people. It's not known why the NDP asked for more time to file its report. Elections Canada said Wednesday that the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada can grant an extension if a party requests it. Seven parties applied for and received an extension: the NDP; the Canadian Action Party; the First Peoples National Party of Canada; the Marijuana Party; the Pirate Party of Canada; the Rhinoceros Party; and the United Party of Canada.


Dave B. said...

N.D.P. is probably stalling so they can manufacture a number close or equal to the Conservatives. This way they will have a cheerleading media generating a weeks worth of headlines telling all Canadians how strong the N.D.P. is doing and then a second week of headlines going on about all that ails the Conservatives. The media is getting far to predictive.

Anonymous said...

Your link posts to Andrew Coyne's piece on impossible Quebec separatism. I don't think that's what you intended.

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