Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tories Fulfill their promises

2/3 have already been fulfilled!! More to come!!! In his remarks, Harper touted his party's record since winning its long-coveted majority government more than a year ago. He said of 100 campaign promises, 67 had been checked off the list and that his government was well on its way to honouring the rest. "First we say what we will do and then we go out and we do what we say,'' Harper told the energetic crowd. He said measures his government has taken, such as reforming immigration, expanding trade and streamlining environmental reviews, put Canada in a much stronger position than other traditional economic powerhouses like the United States, Europe and Japan. "New economic powers continue to rise and older ones, ones very much like our own country, continue to struggle. They're weighed down by debts they can't control, by entitlements you can no longer afford and growth that shows no signs of returning,'' he said. "Under our conservative government, Canada will not slip back the way so many other developed countries are slipping back.'' "To succeed what the world must become in the future is what Canada is today.''

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Anonymous said...

The biggest promise is an epic failure. Harper promised to never run a deficit and then ran the largest deficits in Canadian history. He needs to be defeated.

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