Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quebec Election?

It looks like Quebec will be going to the polls Sept 4, 2012. I am not happy with any of the political parties. I think Tasha is correct Charest is the best of a bad lot. I really wish the ADQ hadn't self destructed.

Next week, Quebecers will most likely be plunged into an election, the third in five years. Premier Jean Charest will be seeking his fourth mandate. Does he deserve it? Based on the last Leger Marketing poll, one third of Quebecers would answer yes, another third would pass the torch to Pauline Marois’ Parti Québécois and the rest are split between Francois Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), the provincial Green Party and the socialist Québec Rewind eight months, and both Mr. Charest and Ms. Marois looked as though they were on their way out. Mr. Legault’s yet unnamed party seemed poised to sweep the province, capitalizing on public fatigue with both major parties. The Liberals stood accused of corruption tied to the province’s construction industry, with Mr. Charest fighting the holding of an inquiry into the matter. Meanwhile, Ms. Marois was battling for her political life amid rumours that former Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe was gunning for her job. What changed? As they say in politics: events, dear boy, events. In November 2011, Mr. Charest announced the Charbonneau Commission to begin hearings into the corruption scandal. That same month the CAQ attained party status and began to come under public scrutiny. By February, its milquetoast platform and merger with the Action démocratique had started driving down support. At the same time, Mr. Duceppe rethought his ambitions and Ms. Marois survived to fight another day, earning the sobriquet “the concrete lady.” And then, on March 22, 2012, the main event: Quebec student unions representing 300,000 students went on strike.

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Anonymous said...

Snore, who really cares?

Now lets take a look at how we can help the PQ win. Go purchase a swastika fleur de lees, burn it, film it, send it to all media, post it on utube…let these racist, bigoted, xenophobic clowns in Kebec know that we have had enough of the Nazis like language laws, (bills 22, 178, 101…) we have had enough of them milking the country dry financially (equalization, over 8 billion last year) and we have had enough of the forced phony bilingual-french hiring quota only outside kebec while they ban and wipe out the English language and culture in Kebec. Oh, and don’t forget to take all those clowns in Ottawa and TO with you when you leave.

Now is the time folks, help get the PQ elected, and then vote to separate clowns. They are all the same in Kebec, all anti-English language, pro bill 101 bigots… Get lost, scam, so long…The sooner the better.

I Support Lord Black