Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pulling out of Kyoto legal

Kyoto was a totally ridiculous treaty with no chance of working and could have cost Canada tens of billions. A federal court has ruled HM Government had every right to pull out of this sham. The Conservative government's decision to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol was legal, and it wasn't obliged to consult Parliament before doing so, the Federal Court has ruled. Daniel Turp, a former Bloc Québécois MP and former Parti Québécois member of the province's national assembly, went to Federal Court to challenge the government's withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. Turp argued the pullout from the Kyoto Protocol was illegal, null and void, because it violated the law that said Canada would comply with the international agreement. He also argued the withdrawal breached the principle of the separation of powers, because the Conservative government should have consulted the House of Commons and the provinces first.

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bertie said...

What else would we expect.The opposite of everything PQ is the right thing to do for Canada.Whatever the Block says or does,do the opposite and you become a winner instantly.They are a good luck charm for Canada.So when any of them open up their mouths and says something nasty about Canada,we know something good is going to happen.So you know what the next step is eh! They are going to start shouting,we love Canada and no one will listen to them.They will wonder the Canadian soil for centuries screaming we love Canada and no one will listen except perhaps a guy named Mulcair who will tell them to STFU or we will lose our transfer payments..You cannot write stories as good as this.Only one that can top it is MR.A PROOF IS A PROOF IF IT IS A GOOD PROOF AND IT IS PROVEN CHRETIEN.

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