Saturday, July 07, 2012

Prof Mansur on Christians and other minorities and Islam

Minorities have no place in Islamic countries. Christians and Jews are being driven out of Muslim lands. It is also affecting Islam itself. ALGIERS, ALGERIA - Notre Dame d’Afrique sits on top of a cliff overlooking Algiers. It was completed in 1872 and since then has been one of the landmarks of the Algerian capital, its neo-Byzantine style architecture with an impressive dome standing imperially over a city that still reflects, despite its present shabbiness, the legacy of France. The view from here of the city below is magnificent, and surveying the scene before me it becomes obvious the French chose this spot for the church to stand as a symbol embracing North Africans as part of their civilizing mission. Behind the altar they inscribed the words, “Notre Dame d’Afrique priez pour nous et pour les Musulmans.” (“Our Lady of Africa, pray for us and for the Muslims.”)

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Dollops said...

The Christian heritage West sputters its outrage at destroyed Buddhist carvings and our occupied sacred sites but seeks only rapprochement with intolerant and murderously expansionist Islam. Perhaps the only way to combat this evil is to submit, then destroy it from within. Liberals have enjoyed some success using this tactic against Judaism and Christianity.

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