Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Lots of Oil

george monbiot one of the chief chicken littles is in despair because his dream of $20/liter oil is not coming true. There is lots of oil and natural gas. Indeed yje environmentalist try to stop progress at every turn and they can't/ We will learn to use these carbon fuels over the next centuries as we have since the industrial revolution. The chicken littles keep predicting the end of the world. They are always wrong and fewer and fewer people are paying attention. The facts have changed, now we must change too. For the past 10 years an unlikey coalition of geologists, oil drillers, bankers, military strategists and environmentalists has been warning that peak oil – the decline of global supplies – is just around the corner. We had some strong reasons for doing so: production had slowed, the price had risen sharply, depletion was widespread and appeared to be escalating. The first of the great resource crunches seemed about to strike. Among environmentalists it was never clear, even to ourselves, whether or not we wanted it to happen. It had the potential both to shock the world into economic transformation, averting future catastrophes and to generate catastrophes of its own, including a shift into even more damaging technologies, such as biofuels and petrol made from coal. Even so, peak oil was a powerful lever. Governments, businesses and voters who seemed impervious to the moral case for cutting the use of fossil fuels might, we hoped, respond to the economic case.


dmorris said...

The past twenty years has seen the dominance of a movement by people incapable of calm,rational thought,almost as if the old saying,"the inmates have taken over the asylum" has come true.

But now,after all those years of listening to the "chicken littles" and watching as one alternative fuel/power source after another has proved to be either economically unfeasible or an outright disaster, finally the movement is slowing under the weight of reality.

The worst part of the whole equation is that the predators who took advantage of the hysteria,the Al Gores of this world who made billions off of it, will never suffer the justice they richly deserve for exploiting the naive and the mentally deficient.

Cory Arsenault said...

I still believe that peak oil is coming but that instead of transitioning to renewables as our main source of energy, I think we'll be switching over to natural gas.

Most predictions of peak oil don't show it happening until around 2040 anyway.

Anonymous said...

George Monbiot's assessment of peak oil may or may not be correct. I've seen some knowledgeable people who disagree with him, and point out that regardless of whether we run out of oil, it will be going up a great deal in price. I'm not an economist or a geologist, so I can't really sort out the argument.

What I can say is that Monbiot is absolutely right about the potential consequences of our continued use of fossil fuels into the indefinite future. The scientific consensus remains overwhelming: Climate change remains very real, and the lack of an economic counter to it makes it that much more frightening.

Anonymous said...

Israel discovers huge oil and gas reserves, the leftists heads will be exploding over this;


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