Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lizzie may, grit double agent

Lizzie may should just admit there is no green party and just join the grits. I suspect many in her party will leave her. She has been a disaster for the greens.May she continue to destroy the green party. Elizabeth May says the Greens have always urged co-operation between parties on the centre and the left, and Etobicoke Centre would be a good place to start if a Supreme Court ruling makes a new vote in that Toronto riding necessary. The Green party Leader said in a telephone interview this week that she would urge her party not to run a candidate in the contest and she thinks the New Democrats should also skip any repeat of the race which was won in 2011 by Ted Opitz, a Conservative, who beat Liberal candidate Borys Wrzesnewskyj by 26 votes. The Greens and the New Democrats were far behind.


Thucydides said...

Actually we should be urging every left wing party to run a candidate (lots of hurt and surprised phone calls, emails and letters saying "why are you going to let us down").

The incompetence of EC is the real issue at stake here, but notice how everyone skirts around that.

Dollops said...

Good take, Thucydides. When the voters list includes all manner of pleaders and nut-cases the last thing we need is for them to join into a majority coalition.

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