Thursday, July 26, 2012

John Pinette Gala At Just For Laughs

It is once again time for the Montreal Comedy festival. I got to attend the opening gala with one of my favorite comics John Pinette. There were also 6 other comics, ending up with the hilarious Tommy Tiernan. My FACS were of course Pinette, Tiernan and Orny Adams. Adams mocked the students striking over $300, to audience cheers. Godfrey is a comic I've seen before. His moronic comments about voting for Bo because he's black convinced he wasn't all that bright and was a racist( which he admitted).


Anonymous said...

Can't stand the anti-American humour at the festival which seems to be the default humour. There's even a whole gala making fun of the U.S. election (read Republican candidates).

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Fat comic that mock themselves.
I had lost 50 lbs once I knew i had a medical problem with my blood sugar , but, it wasn't until after the weight loss that people told me that I looked much better and that is is dangerous to be close to being Obese to where it kills my social life.
Too bad they didn't say nice thing when I was fat, or invite me places to feel wanted.
Chances are that the fat Comic will die early and THEN people will exalt them at the Wake when they should have been supportive when they were alive .

But hey, it pays good and gets some laughs while thin people feel good about themselves.

I Support Lord Black