Sunday, July 01, 2012


Maybe fear mongers like lizzie may should read this. If you want to be a good CO2 citizen you should live in the stone age. I don't believe CO2 is a pollutant, but by this metric Canada is the most improved, so the chicken littles in Canada should be happy with HM Canadian Government. Which countries are the worst emitters of carbon dioxide? Researchers continue to develop the best metrics for ranking polluting countries, and now, a new factor has come into play. In a new study, University of Michigan researchers accounted for both climate and GDP when looking at total emissions from each country. The addition of climate considerations led to surprising results, researchers Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle recently explained in American Scientist. Sivak, director of Sustainable Worldwide Transportation at the U-M Transportation Research Institute, said in a U-M Sustainability press release that as increased attention is focused on carbon dioxide emissions, there are efforts to improve emission ranking methods since they "inform policy decisions on an international scale. The more comprehensive these rankings are, the better our chances of reducing emissions." Sivak believes it is important to include local climate. "Because people respond to the climate they live in by heating and cooling indoor spaces, an index that incorporates climate provides a fairer yardstick than an index that does not." Their index adjusts for "heating degree days" and "cooling degree days."

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climatecriminal said...

how can you possibly talk sense to people who cry about co2 emission then drive to the airport to fly to a protest about co2 emission

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